Febreze - The pollution and invasive STINK of scented products

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The chemical smell of these all these products is disgusting.

It is designed to be invasive and transfers to EVERYTHING and it lasts for months. People smell the same. NO individuality. It is NOT perfume.

It is a depressing smell and chemical and toxic.

I know I am in the minority, but thankfully more and more people are allergic and repelled by the aggresive presence in the Marketplace.

There is not an option not to be at the effect of the horrible smells.

It has become more difficult buy on ebay or used clothing stores online or in thrift stores because of the horrible smells of these products.

I must leave clothing items outside in the sun for months and it does not help.

Washing activates the chemicals even more.

Febreze in New York, New York - Simple Review #1449321697

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I bought a can of a can of Febreeze in the top does not spray half full and it does not spray like its lost its power to spray this is the 4th time this is happening me with the cans of Febreze how would like for more cans to make it right because you can only use half of them before their empty

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Febreze mist & refresh spray


Dear Sir or madam.

I am complaining about a Febreze Mist & refresh spray [Cotton fresh].

I bought this product some months ago but can not remember where: and when I tried to use it this morning the top fell to pieces. I have tried to reassemble it a few times but really don't know how it was put together. I would appreciate it if, it would possible for you to replace it for me.

As I'm on a very tight budget now that I am retired, I can't afford to just throw it away.

with thanks


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